Starting the Journey

raceI started writing this post, thinking that I really ought to tell you all about how the Transformation Journey is an amazing model or method … and it is amazing, at least I like to think so. But it isn’t a model and it isn’t a method. Models and methods imply  there is a one size fits all approach to change, which there really isn’t.

In fact, the potential for change is dependent on our recognising that we are unique, and that our life-journeys are unique. Any process of change such as the Transformation Journey has to be personal. Your journey cannot be the same as my journey, or that of the person from down the street.

Think of your life journey as consisting of a series of stories. Stories are the way in which we ascribe meaning to events and experiences. The stories you’ve been told, and the stories you tell about yourself and your life determine who you are and how your future unfolds. Perhaps your stories are ones of fear and anxiety, confusion and uncertainty, or weakness and powerlessness. How would it look for you if instead they were stories of empowerment, freedom, strength, passion, purpose and greatness? The Transformation Journey offers a paradigm for changing the stories. If you want a technical word for it, the Transformation Journey is a ‘meta-narrative’ – a framework within which we can learn to understand and explore the stories of our lives, our work, our play, our relationships etc. It is a framework within which we can re-imagine and re-write those stories for maximum empowerment, creativity and joy.

Why Transformation Journey?

Transformation, is all about change, but not just any change. It isn’t shallow or superficial, it isn’t temporary or partial. Transformation is about the whole person – body, mind, spirit. It is about a change that is deep and lasting. In a very real sense it is about being re-created in our deepest selves, to live the life we were always born to lead. Everyone has the potential for transformation. it is like our birth-right. Just as the caterpillar doesn’t remain a caterpillar, but mutates into a butterfly; so already encompass the possibility of deep, radical change and growth.

Journey, is all about process. The processes that get us from A to B and beyond. Sometimes the journey is short, sometimes it is long. For many of us the jouneys that we face have much in the way of challenges and obstacles, but if we engage with it fully, we find that we already contain within us the seeds of the power to face and overcome what we have always seen as limiting factors. In fact it is the process of facing those challenges and obstacles that actually gives us the transformational fuel for the journey. If we are able fully to embrace the journey, we discover that it is always surprising, exciting and life-bringing.

Put the two together and you have the Transformation Journey – a paradigm of profound personal change and growth, a meta-narrative that allows you to unlock all the gifts and talents, the passions and unique potentials hidden away inside.

There is no set starting place for your Transformation Journey. There is a sense in which the journey of your life begins the day you’re born,  even the day you’re conceived. You could say it flows from the lives of your parents and ancestors, and the people who have an influence on you.

A Transformation Journey, however, is one we take ownership of for ourselves. It begins when we recognise within ourselves the desire to re-create the patterns of our lives, to take what we were given and re-write the stories. If you’re reading this, the chances are your Transformation Journey is already under-way.

Use the comments section to tell us about your own experience of transformational journeys.

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