Checking-in on Myself

As a coach and a trainer, I know how important it is to check-in on myself on a regular basis. If I don’t put in the time and energy to reflect on my own practice and journey of transformation, I get stale pretty quickly. I fall into the same routines and patterns in interactions with my clients, and the life just sort of drains out of me, and probably out of them too. Instead of my sessions being high-energy, spontaneous and creative explorations, they become dull and predictable exercises. Unsurprisingly, if it doesn’t have life it isn’t going to bring life, so there is little potential for positive change, let alone the deep transformational work, which is what I get up for in the morning.

It’s good therefore to have a framework for checking out myself and what I’m doing. I particularly enjoyed this one from top coach Rich Litvin. It’s an A to Z of tips for coaches, many of which have links to further resources.

Checking out his list, I find that there are some I’m fully embracing, some I am partially engaging with, but need to grow in, and others, where I’m barely off the starting blocks. I don’t see that as a negative, however. Rather it is exciting to discover ways I can enhance both my own journey and, the journey of those I work with.

If you’re involved in coaching, or any form of personal and professional growth; what frameworks do you use to check-in on yourself, and how are you doing right now?

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