transformational training

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Sometimes the deep work of radical growth and change takes place best within a group setting.

We offer a number of transformational workshops and seminars – either as events organised by us, or as part of a bespoke package on behalf of a workplace team or organisation.

Our transformational training is intense, challenging, participatory, creative and often life-changing for those who take part.

We keep the group sizes relatively small, in order to facilitate authentic relationships and support between the participants, and so that we can give more personalised input to the participants.


Transformation Foundations

Spend a day with the Transformation Journey team. This is an inspirational seminar where we dive into the heart of transformation, and outline how participants can move forward in their journey of radical growth and change. This is a wonderful opportunity to breath new life into your own personal journey. It is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to discover more about the Transformation Journey framework.

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Deep Transformation Intensive

Join us on a 3 or 4 day intensive workshop, in which participants are immersed in their own Transformation Journey. The intensives are times for us to dive deep, take risks, push the edge and to connect with the vast resources and potential lying untapped within us. These are times for getting our hands dirty as we explore and build on passions, aspirations, values and strengths. There will be many opportunities to engage with personal and group narratives in a deep, paradigm shifting way, that will have a profound impact on individual participants and the group. We will also explore practical steps and strategies to enable participants to bring the impact of their Transformation Journey to the people and the world around them.

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Transformation Journey Coach Training

Do you aspire to draw the best out of other people? Do you have a passion to help people engage in radical growth and change?

The Transformation Journey Coach Training provides an in-depth training in how to coach others using the Transformation Journey’s powerful framework for radical change. The training involves approximately 100 hours of training and study, both in person and online. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to coach others using a powerful and transformative framework for change. It is also suitable for managers and leaders who want to grow in a coaching style of leadership.

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