transformational teams

earthballHow good are the teams you work with? How would it be if they became something more, if they became something extraordinary?

Working with a transformational team, where everything just works together in a seemingly effortless flow, is an incredible experience. Think what it could be like if the teams you lead could experience honest and authentic communication on an everyday basis. If everyone were listened to and their contribution was highly valued – even the quiet ones. If challenges to the prevailing norms were not seen as a problem, but valued as opportunities to grow and innovate. How would it be if there was a culture in which every member of every team was empowered, to inspire and provoke one another to go beyond, to dream bigger, to dare more and to perform incredible, world changing exploits?

Many of the benefits of developing transformational teams are hard to quantify, because they depend so much on context. However, even at the most basic practical level, research (Gallup 2002, Hodges and Clifton 2004) shows that teams and organisations that focus on investing in the strengths of their members and employees, see an increase in engagement of up to 64%. This in turn leads to lower staff turnover, greater group cohesion, higher confidence, improved communication and more effective leadership. The thing no amount of research can tell you, is just how much positive impact extraordinary teams and organisations have on the world.

I am here to help your teams become extraordinary. I want to take them on a powerful Transformation Journey, to discover things about themselves they never knew, and to draw out of each other greatness they never even suspected was within them. There’s no formula. No gimmicks. No abseiling down cliffs or walking over hot coals. This is a journey of deep internal and relational discovery, of challenge, of developing talents and strengths to unprecedented levels. It is a journey that is unique to your team and your organisation.

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